Care Guide

Luxury Lashes Care Guide:

When caring for your Petals Rosé Luxury Lashes™️ we recommend using our Luxury Eyelash Glue™️ which is hypoallergenic, vegan formula & latex-free. With a brush applicator, our Luxury Eyelash Glue™️ applies on white and dries clear for a mess proof application. 

When removing our Luxury Eyelash Glue™️ you can easily peel with your fingers (using your thumb & index finger) by pinching the glue off your Luxury Lashes until completely clean of any glue residue. You also can use tweezers to help with the cleaning process.

 **Be sure to be gentle when cleaning your Petals Rosé Luxury Lashes™️



Luxury Hair Boutique Care Guide:

When caring for your Luxury Hair Bundles, use warm water & conditioner to Co-wash your bundles by applying directly to the hair. Use a wide tooth comb to help detangle and distribute the conditioner from the top bundles to the bottom. 

Let the conditioner sit for 30 minutes (longer if preferred) then rinse with cold water to help seal in the moisture to your bundles. 

Let air dry (overnight or until dry) and style as usual.