Our Founder



Our CEO and Founder, Rae’lyn Chanel is a Professional Makeup Artist from the Bay Area (California). She is a self-taught MUA and was Certified as a Makeup Artist in March 2015 by Glam Lab Studios™️. Rae’lyn has studied Esthetician and Cosmetology, which she plans on using to continue building her businesses in the Beauty Community. 


As a Mother, she uses her talents to be a role model for her son and others. As she expresses her passion for Beauty & Business, Rae’lyn creates a beautiful balance of professionalism and education while enhancing her clients beauty. Her dream is to create a brand that ALL women and Beauty Lovers can relate to.


At Petals Rosé Luxury, we are an extension of our Founders love for beauty. Mink Lashes is only just the start of our Luxury Brand. Since October 2017 we have been growing more and more each year and we are excited to touch more Luxury Babes every day!